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MuLer sized die-casting machine (MLC160D-MLC950D)| MuLer large die-casting machine (MLC1100D-MLC4000D) | Optional Configuration Muler Servo Energy Saving System

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Muler Servo Energy Saving System

In recent years, as customers increasingly high requirements for efficiency, stability, low power consumption, maintainability, and other aspects of die-casting machine and a significant decline in the servomotor mature application and price. Driving part die casting machine from a metering pump application technology evolved into the servo technology.
Servo energy-saving technology is currently in the field of die casting machine hydraulic drive technology is another major breakthrough, die-casting machine electro-hydraulic servo system in both cost and performance, the stability of the premise, the perfect solution to the cost of interest to users, efficiency, oil and other issues, It represents the development direction of the die casting machine.
Muler servo die casting machine is the latest servo drive technology, after years of research and development test launch. With high efficiency, high stability, low power consumption and easy maintenance features.

Singlemode time saving rate is higher:the complete elimination of high pressure throttling energy saving than traditional die-casting machine 40%-70%;
Servo system response speed: 0-100% pressure change speeds up to 30ms, improve production efficiency 5% -12%. In MuLer MLC550 models, for example, the production of a product, the original cycle is 34s, put into the servo system the cycle time increased to 31s.
Reduce hydraulic oil temperature: reduce the amount of cooling water for more than 30%, in some occasions even completely without water cooling. Improve the life of hydraulic components and reduce the amount of maintenance.
Improve the working environment: reduce operating noise. Non-working state, the servo motor is stopped, no noise, usually running at full capacity for a short time, reducing the overall noise.
Muler Real-time Control Technology (Servo Valve Control System)

Muler real-time control of die casting machine used by the US VISI servo valve and control system

Real-time control technology also known as servo valve control system. Once the servo control system receives the signal, it controls and adjusts the servo valve according to the feedback from the injection process and the signals from the injection position sensor. Thus the servo control of the injection process is realized.

Benefits and Features
allow you to stand out in today's competitive environment.
improve the quality, efficiency and competitiveness.
make better decisions, create better cast, to achieve better profits.
High-speed data acquisition hardware
a.Precision sensor technology
b.件 High-speed data acquisition hardware

  VISI-TRAK Feature
● Detect the magnetic field by the difference caused by the internal structure of the threaded rod.
● Up to 12mps
● Resolution to 0.3175mm

Injection control
—— High performance valves
—— Precision injection control software
—— Injection speed and pressure control software
● The maximum injection speed ≥ 10M/S
● The maximum adjustable range 0.05-10M/S
● The Pressure building time ≤ 10MS
● The Switching time from slow speed to high speed:≤15m/s

Precise Closed-loop Control Technology

● More than 10 stages of flexible control settings
● Real time control scan cycle 1 m/s
● Precise measurement and real time closed-loop control of injection position, speed and pressure
● Constant acceleration in slow injection
——Injection speed and pressure Throughout the cavity filling phase
——Injection Position and pressure Strengthen the process of time
——Online Trend Analysis Recall the last 50 shots
——Continuous of injection superposition Options for mutate detection
——Statistical Analysis Track machine efficiency and more
Our idea of quality assurance is based on defect prevention rather than detection ...True-Trak20 / 20 process monitoring system is the cornerstone of the process control system.

Muler Electro-hydraulic proportional valve and a half closed loop control system

● The Max. Injection speed ≥8m/s.
● Convenient and fast automatic control, high flow control precision.
● PLC can realize intelligent automatic adjustment function.
● Setting data can be stored memories

Muler servo push rod control system (Servo motor electrically adjustable the opening of the Cartridge valve)
  Servo push rod is implemented by the servo motor to adjust the cartridge valve opening. With the continuous development of casting technology . Higher demands are proposed for die casting machine in the work of stability, reliability, security and accuracy. At present, the general die casting machine in the injection system, for fast and pressurization control valve, mainly with the following two kinds:

“Traditional handwheel adjustment cartridge valve"
Traditional handwheel adjustment cartridge valve. The cartridge valve cooperates with screw rod and handwheel, need manual adjustment, simple and reliable oil circuit, convenient electrical control and low cost.But not adapting to the trend of the automation development, as low accuracy adjustment, no setting data memory, the handwheel and indicator vulnerable to vibration damage, etc.

Electric proportional adjustment cartridge valve
Convenient and fast automatic control, high precision flow control, setting data easy storage. But with complicated control oil circuit, high cleanliness requirements of the oil, high cost, long delivery cycle, etc.

The application of servo push rod in the die casting machine
Muler company actively research and manufacture electric control valve with the development of the market, at present, electric control valve has been pushed into the market, Get the clients' universal welcome and affirmation.
● Max. injection speed 大于8m/s,average error ± 0.04m/s.
● achieve full open degree of flow control’ overcome the proportional valve with dead zone control section.
● can trouble-free work when the oil cleanness level NAS8, the low requirements for hydraulic oil cleanliness.
● with feedback device, can realize intelligent automatic adjustment function by PLC.
● simple,reliable and safety, setting data can save memory.

electric control valve ,handwheel adjustment.electrical proportional contorl performancecomparison table

handwheel manual adjustment electric proportional cartridge valve smart electric control valve
adjustment precision (average) calibration error 1 division about 0.1 m/s error 1% opening about 0.26m/s error 1% opening about 0.05m/s
oil requirement general standard must use high pressure filter and replace filter cartridge regularly general standard
working blind area full scale range 33% opening working blind area 0-100% whole section with continuous adjustment ,no working blind area
repeatability (PLC control) better, can't fine-tuning automatically general,can fine-tuning automatically better,can fine-tuning automatically
stability better worse, especially the slow speed control whole process is better
storage and management can't storage and management can realize can realize
injection process continuous control can't realize can realize can't realize,but can discontinuous control
fault diagnosis and alarm No No Yes, and comprehensive
controllability worse better better
automation degree can't realize can realize can realize
safety better need an additional device to improve security better
maintenance higher maintenance rate of handwheel and gravity table need to change the proportiona valve if meet problem, high maintenance cost electric control combination equipment, lower maintenance rate, lower maintenance cost
delivery time fast delivery time long delivery time normal delivery time
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