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MuLer sized die-casting machine (MLC160D-MLC950D)| MuLer large die-casting machine (MLC1100D-MLC4000D) | Optional Configuration Muler Servo Energy Saving System

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MuLer sized die-casting machine (MLC160D-MLC950D)
Referring to foreign famous factory standard design of die casting machine die casting machine MLC standard series has been an upgrade to the fourth generation, performance and reliability in the leading domestic level, the main technical parameters to achieve a similar level of imports die-casting machine to adapt to car, motorcycle, hardware,electronics and other industries of high-performance die casting production technology requirements.

High performance:maximum air injection speed ≥ 8m/s; pressure building time ≤ 15ms. Suitable for aluminum and msg—nesium.
High reliability:injection system adopts foreign famous factory top die casting machine latest structure and manufacturing technology, with high rigidity, high reliability, high durability, competent for all kinds of bad working environment to achieve high steady precision production.
High-speed production:highly reliable injection system and express clamping system by foreign branded, using the most advanced new structural design of die casting machine, so the traditional die-casting machine reliability greatly improved, and high-speed production, so that production volume increased by 15%.
Electrical proportional control of system pressure and flow, with multi-stage pressure and speed control, and low-pressure die close protection function.
Four stages control of injection speed and pressure, independent high-speed and intensification injection accumulators, and two intensification activation ways, namely, position and pressure.
High-strength cast template, high tensile steel pillar outer wear hard chromium plating.
PLC control system adopts the modular structure which is convenient for extending and maintenance, with fast, stable, safe and reliable operation, high precision, and functions such as production management, trouble diagnosis, and mold parameters storage.
Hydraulic driven gear-type mould height adjusting mechanism.
Reliable and durable electrical and hydraulic components of world famous brand.
Central electrical lubrication system,independent grease lubrication mold height adjusting mechanism.
High-speed hydraulic ejection and core-pulling devices.
MuLer large die-casting machine (MLC1100D-MLC4000D)

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Optional Configuration:Muler Servo Energy Saving System | Muler Electro-hydraulic proportional valve and a half closed loop control system
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